Clinical and Academic Research Services

Carle is committed to advancing medical knowledge through research that may ultimately improve patient’s lives. With the knowledge gained from clinical trials, advances have been made in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, resulting in improvements in quality and quantity of human life.

The Research Institute assists physicians, nurses, residents, students and other investigators in facilitating their research projects here at Carle. We support many different areas of research included: nursing research, investigator-initiated research, resident/student research, translational research and clinical trials.

Human Subject Protection/Carle IRB

The Human Subject Protection office works in daily support of the Carle IRB. The department collaborates with investigators, research coordinators, subjects, and regulatory agencies to ensure that research at Carle takes place in an ethically rigorous and compliant manner. They also handle IRB-related documentation and provide regular educational opportunities for people interested in conducting research at Carle.

Biomedical Research Center

The Biomedical Research Center, located on the third floor of the Mills Breast Cancer Institute, is over 25,000 square feet of bench research space, cell culture rooms, and research offices. Currently it houses staff from the University of Illinois’ Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Initiative, professors Steve Boppart, Dipanjan Pan, and Rohit Bhargava’s research laboratories, Carle Research Institute staff, and the research laboratories of Carle oncology surgeon Partha Ray.

The Research Institute plans periodic orientation sessions for new occupants of the Biomedical Research Center and monthly training sessions for those interested in becoming a Research Affiliate at Carle. Once orientation is complete, Research Institute may continue to assist Investigators with the initial set up of their lab space and provides continued support via annual compliance checks, ordering additional equipment and supplies, etc.

Clinical Trials At Carle

Privacy Policy

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