Research Electronic Data Capture—REDCap

REDCap is a secure, web application for building online databases and surveys; it provides the tools for collecting and managing almost any type of data. The application was created by Vanderbilt University in 2004 and is now supported by a global consortium of over 1500 non-profit organizations worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can have access to REDCap?

  • Any person conducting, or supervising, research funded or administered by Carle.
  • Carle faculty, staff, trainees or other agents acting on Carle’s behalf in a study.

Can I get access to REDCap prior to IRB approval of the study?

Yes, you can request access to REDCap to begin setting up the parameters for data collection, statistical analysis etc. However, study data cannot be collected or stored in REDCap prior to IRB approval.

How do I get a login to REDCap?

Complete the form to request a user account.

Can REDCap access data stored in EPIC?

With IRB approval, data stored in EPIC can be extracted electronically, or manually, and stored in REDCap.

When can data be placed in REDCap?

After IRB approval of the study.

How is data security handled in REDCap?

Access to data stored in REDCap is granted on a per-study basis. The Principle Investigator (PI) or the Research Coordinator of the study requests the creation of a REDCap project and identifies the study personnel who should have access to the data.

Who handles the administration of REDCap?

Setting up user access and assisting with database creation is handled by the Data Engineers in the Research Institute. Carle IT staff completed the installation of the application on the servers; they will also assist with updates to the software as needed.

Where can I get more information and training on REDCap?

The REDCap application provides training videos as well as help text for every feature. Additional information is also available on the REDCap Consortium website. Overview sessions can be requested by sending email to and including the following:

  • Available timeframes to meet.
  • Study name and IRB number, if applicable.
  • Business case with statement of objectives if applicable.


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