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  • Suzanna Kitten, MD Program Director
  • Feiteng Su, MD Clinical Associate Professor, Associate Program Director
  • Sadoutounnissa Meer Associate Program Director
  • Benjamin C. Gersh, MD Clinical Associate Professor, Assistant Program Director
  • Jocelyn Ward, MHA Program Coordinator

Core Faculty

  • Arden Davis Barnett, Jr., MD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Kevin P. Brazill, DO Clinical Instructor
  • Charles K. Hawley, MD, JD Clinical Associate Professor
  • Katherine Kwiatkowski, MD Clinical Instructor
  • Timothy G. Roberts, MD Clinical Associate Professor
  • Gerald M. Welch, MD Clinical Associate Professor, Department Head of Psychiatry
  • James M. Whisenand, MD Clinical Associate Professor
  • Amy Hilty, MD Clinical Instructor
  • Ashley Harmon, MD Clinical Instructor

Non-Physician Core Faculty

  • Ashley Beitel, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Howard Berenbaum, PhD, BSc Clinical Professor
  • Avis Bernstein, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Kelly Bradham, PhD, LCSW, MSW Clinical Instructor
  • Muge Dizen, PhD, BA Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Robyn Gobin, PhD Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology
  • Linda Miller, MSW Clinical Associate Professor
  • Jane Reid, PhD, LCSW, MSW Clinical Instructor
  • Brent Roberts, PhD Full Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Karen Tabb, PhD, MSW Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work

Faculty & Staff

  • Joseph S. Alper, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Sari Gilman Aronson, MD, MS Clinical Professor, Emeritus
  • Roselin Arunachalam, MD Clinical Instructor
  • Avis M. Bernstin, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Mark L. Blodgett, PsyD Clinical Instructor
  • Linda A. Derum, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Marshall L. Garrick, MD Clinical Instructor
  • Wendy Lea Haight, PhD Adjunct Professor
  • Thomas L. Herrmann, MD Clinical Instructor
  • Lawrence L. Jeckel, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Surinderpal Singh Kahlon, MD Clinical Instructor
  • Kathryn Kurlakowsky Leskis, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Sherrie D. Levy, MD Clinical Instructor
  • Thomas L. Minogue, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Steven J. Oconnell, PhD Clinical Instructor
  • Judy K. Osgood, PhD Clinical Instructor
  • Anoosh Salman, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Arthur R. Traugott, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Sudha Uppuluri, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Pamela A. Warren, PhD Clinical Instructor
  • Michael Wilson Visiting Instructor
  • Hayng-Sung Yang, MD Clinical Instructor


  • Mercy Eigbike, MD PGY-2
  • Umm-e-kulsoom Kazmi, MD PGY-2
  • Jennifer Laprise, MD PGY-2
  • Bienvenu Songo Nzinga, MD PGY-2
  • David Krone, MD PGY-1
  • Chriss Mulumba, MD PGY-1
  • Kristopher Poliakiwski, MD PGY-1
  • Ryan Sarsfield, MD PGY-1