Residencies > Psychiatry > Curriculum


PGY-1 % Research
Inpatient Psychiatry x5 5%
Neuro Outpatient Psychiatry x2 5%
Neuro Outpatient Psychiatry 5%
Internal Medicine x2 5%
Palliative Care 5%
Pediatrics 5%
Inpatient Electroconvulsive 5%
Addiction Medicine 5%
PGY-2 % Research
Community Resident Clinic x3 7%
Emergency Psychiatry x2 7%
Consult & Liaison x3 7%
Quality x1 0%
Inpatient Psychiatry x3 7%
Child Inpatient x2 7%
PGY-3 % Research
Outpatient Psychiatry 8%
PGY-4 % Research
Community Integrated Care Clinic 10%
Geriatric Psychiatry x2 10%
PTSD Outpatient 10%
Research 10%
Administrative Psychiatry 10%
Senior Inpatient x2 10%
*Elective x5 10%
*Electives - Neurostimulation Treatments, Advanced Addiction Psychiatry, Advanced Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), Advanced Forensic Psychiatry, Pets-Pediatrics, Neuropsychiatry, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Advanced Research, Advanced Psychosomatic Psychiatry, Telepsychiatry, Advanced Child Psychiatry, Medical home model of population medicine (Carle OP Mattoon), Advanced Psychotherapy, Group Psychotherapy, Private practice Psychiatry, Public policy, Scholarship, Neurosurgery, Veterans health, Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Neuroimaging Research, Leadership, Emerging Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Teaching, Neurology, Marriage & Family Therapy, Sleep Disorder Center/Clinic & APA Mind games paired with PRITE teaching