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Residency Overview

ASHP Program Code: 41065
National Matching Service Code: 243113
Duration: 12 month
Number of positions: 2
Application deadline: January 3
Interview required: Yes
Start Date: First week of July

Program Description

The Carle Foundation Hospital Pharmacy Residency program is an ASHP accredited, 12-month postgraduate curriculum that offers a broad area of training opportunities in various clinical settings. During the residency program, the residents will gain experience in direct patient care, teaching, research, and pharmacy operations. The residents will work closely with an experienced group of pharmacy preceptors as part of a multidisciplinary medical team to support optimal medication therapy outcomes. In addition, they will manage medication-use systems to provide safe and cost-effective pharmaceutical care to patients. The residency program will prepare residents to be highly qualified independent practitioners able to pursue a multitude of career paths upon completion of the PGY1 program.

The residency program will start with a month long orientation where the residents will have the opportunity to learn departmental policies and procedures as well as an introduction to their longitudinal responsibilities. During this month, the residents along with the program director/coordinator, will develop their rotation schedule to provide an individualized learning experience based on each resident’s entering interests. In addition to the orientation month, there will be four required rotation along with four elective rotations. All rotations will be approximately five weeks long, with additional longitudinal experiences extending through the residency year. Residents will receive and provide a formal evaluation at the conclusion of each learning experience as well as receive informal feedback throughout the rotation. The residents will also meet with the RPD and RPC approximately monthly to discuss progress of the resident and to provide feedback regarding the program.

Committee Involvement: Residents will be required to be a participating members of one department level committee and may have opportunities to be involved with other interdepartmental committees depending on availability and need. Committee involvement may include taking meeting minutes and other committee work when necessary.

Research: The residents will be responsible for formulating and executing one major quality improvement or clinical research project. The project topic chosen must be approved by the longitudinal project rotation advisor, followed by the Residency Advisory Committee, prior to commencement. Results will be expected to be presented at ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and the Great Lakes Pharmacy Resident Conference.

Teaching certificate: Residents have the opportunity to obtain a teaching certificate from SIUE School of Pharmacy. Requirements for the certificate will begin during orientation.

Staffing: Consistent with ASHP Guidelines, each resident is required to complete a pharmacy practice component (often referred to as “staffing”) of the residency program. The practice component is crucial to the development of professional practice skills and of pharmacy practice distribution skills. The staffing component of the program will begin after the residents have successfully completed their month of orientation. Residents are required to staff in the Inpatient Pharmacy one weekend every other weeks (8-hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday). In addition, Residents will be required to cover one major holiday (Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day) and one minor holiday (Memorial Day, Labor Day, or New Year’s Day).

Requirements for Completion of the Residency Program

  • Obtain Pharmacist license in the state of Illinois on or before August 1st unless additional 30-day grace period was approved by RAC.
  • Complete BLS/ACLS curriculum. Maintain BLS certification active if obtained prior to the residency.
  • Create/maintain a paper or electronic version of resident binder and submit to RPD.
  • Precept IPPE/APPE student(s).
  • Attain “Achieved for residency (ACHR)” in 100% of the required patient care goals and all critical objectives by the end of the academic year (Refer to Appendix A in the manual).
  • Attain “achieved for residency (ACHR)” in >85% of the remainder of the program goals and objectives.
  • Satisfactory completion of all learning experiences. If a learning experience is not satisfactorily completed, appropriate remedial work must be completed as determined by the preceptors and the RPD.
  • Completion of a residency project requirements that were defined by the research project preceptor (refer to Research LE description).
  • Completion of all assignments, presentations and projects as defined by the preceptors and RPD by the end of the residency.
  • Completion of minimum of 4 journal clubs, 4 PowerPoint presentations, 1 drug monograph, and 1 MUE.
  • Compliance with all institutional and departmental policies.
  • Concurrence by the RAC that the pharmacy resident has successfully completed the aforementioned requirements of the program.