Your journey begins with a one month orientation experience that provides hands on training, immersion experiences, and skills assessments to ensure a solid foundation before moving forward. From there, the curriculum at Carle has several unique and innovative experiences, and provides extensive training in certain areas. You will receive an outstanding education in the care of the pediatric patient, as well as the hospitalized patient on the Family Medicine Inpatient Service. Our Practice Management rotation provides experience working within a locally based, national award winning health insurance plan. Your Sports Medicine experience will have you working with elite college athletes from the University of Illinois and Parkland College, as well as high school athletes.

Furthermore, a longitudinal curriculum for Scholarly Activity has led to amazing research projects. Recent graduates have received awards locally and regionally for their findings. All residents present their findings at the annual Carle research and poster day.

Lastly, the majority of our didactics have been consolidated to occur on Tuesday afternoons. During these times, residents are excused from other duties to attend these learning opportunities.


PGY1 Rotations PGY2 Rotations PGY3 Rotations
Transition to Residency* Family Medicine
Inpatient Service 4
Family Medicine Inpatient
Service 7
Family Medicine
Inpatient Service 1
Family Medicine
Inpatient Service 5
Family Medicine Inpatient
Service 8
Family Medicine
Inpatient Service 2
Family Medicine
Inpatient Service 6/Research
Pediatric Inpatient 2
Family Medicine
Inpatient Service 3
Elective 2 (Track Specific) Emergency Medicine 2
Emergency Medicine 1 Pediatric Outpatient 2 Eye (2 week), Addiction (2 week)
Pediatrics Inpatient 1 ICU ENT (2 weeks), Urology (1 week), Endo (1 week)
Pediatric Outpatient Orthopedics Elective 4 (can be track specific)
Nursery Sports Medicine Track 1 (FMC if needed)
Elective 1 Neuro Track 2
Pulm/Radiology Pysch Track 3
Cardiology Surgery Track 4
Elective 1 Gynecology Track 5
OB Nights Qualigy/Nephro Track 6
OB Nights    

*Transition to residency: To include Carle orientation, FMIS, clinical research and FMC

ᶧDefault choice for specialty rotations

Family Medicine Women's Health Hospitalist
Pediatrics (Outpatient 3) Gynecology Branch Hospitalist 1
Acute Care Clinic OB Office Hospitalist 2
Psychology Ambulatory Women’s Health Hospitalist 3
Musculoskeletal Breast ICU
Flex 1 (Geriatrics) Uro-gynecology/Gynecology Flex 1 (Nights 2)
Flex 2 (FMC/OMT) Flex 1 (OB Office 2) Flex 2 (Swing Shift 2)
  Flex 2 (Women's Health 2))  
  Obstetrics Branch  
  OB Office  
  Maternal Fetal Medicine  
  Flex 1 (OB 2)  
  Flex 2 (OB Office 2)  

Family Practice is the default AOC and AOC electives in parentheses are the default rotations. AOC are preliminarily declared during the 10th block of PGY-1 and become final during the 6th block of PGY-2 with approval from the Residency directory and Residents advising physician.

How do we track resident performance?


At the end of each block rotation, you will receive a written and verbal evaluation from the attending(s) with whom you worked most closely. As a PGY-1, your attending will also need to complete a "mid-rotation" evaluation, designed to provide you with feedback midway through the experience so you can remedy whatever concerns may be identified. Our residents have found this extremely helpful. Furthermore, you will complete a self evaluation of your skills on a quarterly basis.

Procedure Cards

Family Medicine physicians provide myriad services within their offices. Additionally, when you are searching for a job upon completion of residency, various clinic and hospital credentialing committees require that you show both a sufficient quantity and sufficient training in performance of a variety of procedures before granting you the privilege to do it in your practice. Therefore, we require you to show competency in 17 commonly performed office based procedures before you graduate.

In 2007, the Carle Family Medicine Residency Program (FMRP) implemented an evaluation method for our residents to show their ability to competently perform a procedure. This tool has been shared with, and implemented by, many other programs.


We are an AOA accredited Osteopathic Program and are preparing for the upcoming merger with the ACGME. In July 2014, the ACGME required all Family Medicine residencies to provide evaluations based on specific learning milestones; the Carle FMRP implemented milestones in July 2013. The ACGME has selected 22 subcompetencies upon which FM residents should be evaluated. All of our evaluations (rotation experience, self evaluations, 360 degree evaluations) are formatted with respect to the milestones. We will be happy to explain this in more detail when you come for your interview.

Faculty Advisors

We recognize that while residency provides many successes, it also has many obstacles – as such, you do not have to do it alone. Each of our residents is assigned a faculty advisor who will be instrumental in helping you stay on track. You will meet with your faculty advisor every quarter to review how you are doing in your growth and development as a family physician. A comprehensive quarterly report provides detailed information to you about your performance on rotation experiences, and time during the meeting is also devoted to specifically discuss your long term goals for practice, identification of helpful electives for those goals, the personal and professional challenges you are facing, and how to continue toward your aspirations.

University Affiliations

Carle Family Medicine Residency is affiliated with the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign and Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.