Telemedicine is a revolutionary delivery system for medical services that connects board certified sub-specialists at Carle with healthcare providers and their patients in rural communities. Patients are able to receive high quality medical assistance delivered by Carle physicians without leaving their local area. Using the latest telecommunication technology, Telemedicine brings medical consultations, follow-up care and educational services directly to rural physicians and hospitals.

How Telemedicine Works

Telemedicine uses the Internet and the most advanced technology to instantly connect specialists with patients in rural communities across east central Illinois. Telemedicine technology at Carle and participating hospitals and clinics enable doctors to examine, assess and evaluate patients and discuss treatments. Two-way "live" verbal and visual communication allows a patient to ask and answer questions, and explain symptoms to a physician.


Videoconferencing is the linking of one group or person to another group or person by interactive computers to conduct meetings, presentations, or education. Carle uses dedicated videoconferencing equipment to communicate with many sites throughout the state of Illinois and across the nation.

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Carle Foundation Hospital, Carle Foundation Physician Services and Carle Physician Group contract with insurance providers separately and may or may not choose to participate in all of the same insurance plans. Patients are urged to check with their carriers as to whether services are covered for either or both organizations.

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